Flanagan Partners Attorneys to Speak at LSBA Seminar

Thomas Flanagan and Camille Gauthier have been asked to participate at the Advanced Appellate Practice Seminar, presented by the Louisiana State Bar Association in the French Quarter on November 16, 2017.

Mr. Flanagan, the seminar chair, and Ms. Gauthier will be joined by a Supreme Court justice, eight appellate judges, and leaders of the appellate bar for an in-depth practical examination of appellate practice in Louisiana state courts. Additionally, a series of panel discussions from esteemed judges from the Louisiana Fourth and Fifth Circuits will discuss what works (and what doesn’t work) in the areas of writ practice and brief-writing. The panelists will also explore winning oral arguments with a mock argument and critique. Finally, experienced lawyers will discuss the role of the “second chair,” followed by a lively presentation on professionalism in appellate practice.

Because of the unique challenges and opportunities in the realm of appellate advocacy, this seminar is an invaluable opportunity to gain insight from the State’s brightest appellate minds. For a $25 discount, please email Jeanine Miller at [email protected]

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