Harold Flanagan Asked to Speak at LSBA Event

Flanagan Partners partner, Harold J. Flanagan, has been asked to give a presentation at the Louisiana State Bar Association’s “Insurance: Brokers & Beyond” seminar in New Orleans, Louisiana. An all-day event focused on a variety of insurance-related topics, the seminar will be composed of leading practitioners and members of the judiciary from across Louisiana. Mr. Flanagan’s presentation, entitled “Insurance Considerations for the Business Deal,” will be a primer on a broad variety of insurance issues with an emphasis on business transactions, including:

  1. General loss areas;
  2. Evaluating operational risks;
  3. Choosing the correct policies;
  4. Choosing the correct broker and insurer;
  5. Tailoring coverage;
  6. Obtaining protection from contractors;
  7. Dovetailing insurance with indemnity;
  8. Asset acquisitions, sales, and mergers

For more information and to sign up, please click below: http://files.lsba.org/documents/CLE/CLE/InsuranceFlyer.pdf